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Fiber Optic SM LC/APC Simplex 0.9mm pigtail

We supply LC fiber optic pigtails  with 900µm buffered 62.5µm, 50µm fiber and SM fibers with SC, ST-style, LC and MT-RJ connections on one end and loose fiber on the other end. Used for fusion splicing to OSP or building cables or pigtailing to active devices such as lasers or LEDs.

  • 900um  buffered 62.5um,50um fiber and 9um singlemode fibers
  • High quality PC Zirconia LC, SC and ST style ferrules
  • Premium Polymer MTRJ ferrules
  • 100% optical tested for premium performance
  • SC,ST, LC and MT-rJ versions available
  • Meets the standard of TIA/EIA-568-B.3
  • Multimode insertion loss: < 0.5dB (0.25dB typical)
  • Multimode return loss: better than –25dB
  • Singlemode insertion loss: < 0.5dB (0.25dB Typical)
  • Singlemode return loss: better than –55dB
  • Minimum 62.5/125µm Fiber 850/1300nm Bandwidth: 160/500 MHz-km
  • Minimum 50/125µm Fiber 850/1300nm Bandwidth: 500/500 MHz-km
  • Mating durability: < 0.25dB increase after 500 cycles
  • Operating/Storage temperature: 0ºC to 60ºC
 Fushion splicing to OSP or building cables
 Pigtailing to active devices such as LASERS or LEDs
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